Exhibition History > Collaboration: Science Gallery London

My collaboration on the 'AHA! Art and Human Ai' project with PhD researcher Munkhtulga Battogtokh launches at the AI: Who’s Looking After Me? season at the Science Gallery, London.

How do the staple subjects Fine Art fare in the ‘hands’ of Artificial Intelligence? Read my 'AI in Art' guide, published via the exhibition.

About the artwork:
'What is Essence' pushes the limits of current AI capabilities, exposing the ever-closing gap between human intelligence and AI and examining the nature of our own perceptive abilities.'

About the Science Gallery Season:
AI: Who’s Looking After Me? is an exhibition and season of events that take a look at the ways Artificial Intelligence (AI) is shaping our lives. We explore who holds the power, who distributes the benefits, and who bears the burden of existing AI systems. Can we really rely on these technologies for our wellbeing and happiness?'

Presented in collaboration with FutureEverything, the free exhibition features 12 artistic collaborations - including 7 original commissions.

Open: 21 June 2023 – 20 January 2024
Location: Great Maze Pond, London, SE1 9GU