Alice's lectures provide a painter’s perspective on famous artworks across the centuries.

'Ways to Look at Painting' takes the audience behind the scenes of the creative process. With rare glimpses inside the sketchbooks, paint-boxes and studios of four key figures in the history and practice of art, this sumptuously illustrated lecture showcases Alice’s clear, engaging presentation style as she uncovers a new way of seeing painting.

'The Painting Secrets of Freud and Bacon' explores the carnal, the colourful and the chaotic in the paintings and drawings of two of the most famous British artists of the 20th Century.

'A History of Colour: BLUE!' From the scared shade of Ultramarine, to the ancient roots of Indigo, to the startling alchemy of Prussian, blue has been used to venerate icons since the earliest human civilizations. Enjoy this rich history of colour via two powerful forces: Impressionism and Japanese Print. When Monet’s water-lilies met Hokusai’s Great Wave, the values of art changed forever.

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Forthcoming Lectures: The Arts Society (TAS) 2023

October 10th 2023: TAS Chichester Lavant Valley Book Tickets
October 18th 2023: TAS Ruislip Book Tickets
November 8th 2023: TAS Topsham Book Tickets
November 9th 2023: TAS Taunton Evening Book Tickets
May 15th 2024: TAS Basingstoke Book Tickets

Recent Lectures:
March 2nd 2023: TAS Greyshott
January 19th 2023: TAS Guildford Wey Valley
September 8th 2022: TAS Upper Thames
November 10th 2022: TAS Sevenoaks
November 17th 2022: TAS Thanet

Alice has provided Guest Lectures at several respected institutes, including:
Artscapes, the National Gallery. 2022
The London Art Salon, the Art Workers Guild. 2019-20
Kensington & Chelsea Women’s Club, the East India Club. 2020
The London Art Salon, the National Gallery. 2019
The Jewish Cultural Centre, London. 2019
The Courtauld Institute of Art. 2018
Canterbury Christ Church University. 2017-18
Arts & Humanities Institute, Kings College London. 2015-17